5 Reasons Your Product Launch Needs Video

 5Reasons.jpgThe fact that we live in an era that sees so many innovative, game-changing tech products launch every day is both good and bad.

It's great that consumers and tech enthusiasts have plenty to swoon over. But it also poses a challenge to marketers who are striving to ensure their product stands out from the pack.

Fortunately, as large as that challenge might seem,the solution to overcoming it is actually really simple: Video.

From building awareness of your brand to converting leads, video is your best bet when it comes to a successful product launch.

Here’s why:

Video is where people turn for information

Hands down, videos have become the go-to medium for digesting new information. They're so popular, in fact, that according to HubSpot, 78% of people watch videos online every week, and more than half of those people watch videos every day.

So if you want to build awareness around your product, you need to deliver your message in a vehicle consumers are most comfortable with, and in this day and age, there’s no question that video is that vehicle.

Video makes your product share-worthy

It’s no secret that the best leads are those that come your way after being referred by a trusted friend. Creating a killer video for your product launch capitalizes on that by giving consumers something tangible that they can share with one another.

If you make something compelling and share-worthy, then you’re much more likely to have people discover you via someone they already know and trust rather than stumble upon your product by chance, which makes conversions a whole lot easier to come by.

Video can make your new product relevant for years to come

As opposed to a press release or blog write-up, if executed correctly, videos have the capacity to last a lifetime. That’s because they can tell a comprehensive and compelling story in minutes, which, in the age of distraction, is critical to engaging customers and garnering new leads.

Creating an evergreen, highly shareable product launch video will not only help you generate buzz initially, but it will also keep your brand's message circulating in the pipeline for years to come with no additional effort on your part.

Video is king on social media

These days, social media completely caters to video. Brands like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat recognize it as the medium consumers are most comfortable interacting with, so they make viewing them as easy as possible, allowing for instant playback and the ability to share with thousands of followers with one click.

And given that 92% of people who watch videos on social media do so largely so that they can share them with their followers, creating one for your product launch should be a no-brainer.

Video converts leads into customers

Awareness and brand recognition are awesome, but unless you’re converting leads to sales, nothing else matters. And in order to make a sale, potential customers need to trust your message and the product you’re delivering.

So, how do you build that trust in the least amount of time? Video. 90% of consumers report that product videos help them make the decision to buy, and 36% of online consumers report trusting the video ads that they see.

Given that videos build brand awareness, cultivate consumer trust, and convert more leads to customers, the only question left is how to make one for your product launch that you can be sure will check all those boxes.