Clark and the Case for the App Store Video

How many users download your company’s app and then never use it? Have you yourself ever downloaded an app and found that you needed some guidance about getting started? Or maybe it required a login and you didn’t really understand why that was necessary. Instances like these call for some clarification, and the best way to do that is with a video.

Evaluating software--even apps--can take considerable time for users, because there are just so many choices out there. And it’s so easy to download apps--it only takes a few seconds. How on earth do you make your app stand out? After the user has downloaded the app, how do you make absolutely certain that he or she doesn't miss your key features? Video is a great choice! According to Silicon Valley analyst Andrew Chen, up to 77% of users download an app and then never open it again after 72 hours.

Knowing these facts, when Clark came to us to create a product explainer video, they knew they needed more than a homepage video, or even a video oriented toward social sharing. They wanted to be sure their app, which acts as a virtual assistant for tutors, would remain competitive after download from the App Store, so they asked us to create a 30 second version of the explainer that hit all the most important features. The features that would leave a potential user thinking, “hey...downloading this app was a great idea, and I can save so much time with this!”

Clark saves tutors the most time by acting as a virtual assistant that schedules your sessions and updates students with progress reports--all right from the app. So Thinkmojo took the longer explainer video we created, which is great for homepages and investor pitches, and pulled those features out to highlight in the app. This shorter version is also great for pre-roll and social sharing, and we’re all about maximizing value for our clients. Here’s the result:


This was Clark’s first foray into video marketing, and the decision to jump in was helped by their knowledge of ASO - App Search Optimization. Clark applied to be featured on Apple’s first original series, Planet of the Apps, last November and learned that video is highly encouraged by the App Store.  Not long after we completed the video, we were really excited to learn that Clark would indeed be featured on Planet of the Apps! Clark pitched their app to a panel of judges and to Lightspeed Venture Partners. Lightspeed was one of the earliest investors in Snapchat, and has funded hundreds of innovative startups. At the end of the show, they decided to invest in Clark! With their support and investment, Clark will be able to grow and provide solutions to even more tutors with even more efficiency. And Thinkmojo is happy to be a partner in that success!

Learn more about Clark and their appearance on Planet of the Apps. We’re so excited to see one of our clients doing so well, and love being an integral part of helping great companies grow, retain clients, and do bigger and better things.