The Top Five Tech Heros on the Web and Why They Work

When it comes to depicting your company and its mission on video, there are two ways you can go about it. You can opt for a standard explainer video that will convey important information about your product and brand to potential consumers. Or, you can create a hero video that will not only depict your brand and its mission but will do so by telling a captivating story designed to resonate with viewers long after they watch it.

A hero video extends beyond a basic explainer video by helping a company grow its brand and communicate complex messages with clarity, elegance, and precision. But because a true hero video does so much, they’re few and far between—after all, it’s not easy to take a complicated message and transform it into a sexy story that begs to be seen.

Check out a few of the standout tech heroes that nailed the art of visual storytelling and created videos that are certain to inspire and compel viewers for years to come.


When it comes to effectively conveying complex messages in a tight timeframe, simplicity is key.  And this video by Wipster is a perfect demonstration of just how effective it can be. Not only is the video simple, easy-to-follow, and free of jargon that can obstruct the message, but it showcases the product in action in a compelling, unexpected way. Viewers don’t even have to hear what the actor is saying to observe how useful it is. From the music to the graphics, Wipster’s functionality is seamlessly integrated into every aspect, making it nearly impossible not to see the product’s value.

Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club changed the game by redefining how small tech companies approach viral commercials. Instead of taking the standard sales route, these guys lift the veil with a no-bullshit, in-your-face approach that makes anything overtly sales-related secondary to an entertaining viewing experience. They use humor to deliver messages about competition in a way that’s more readily received; they enlist whimsy to give the impression that they’re as fun as they are effective; and, there’s an element of eye-catching randomness—hello, giant bear—that keeps viewers engaged and paying attention.


This video by Coin has all of the elements of a compelling video built to last. Simple from start to finish, it begins with a straightforward depiction of a problem that most of us face in our daily lives followed by a series of shots that position its product as a solution to a wide range of common challenges. The actor in the video is pointedly down-to-earth, approachable, and someone to whom most of us will relate. As such, viewers can easily put themselves in the shoes of the subject and imagine the product solving their problems in similar ways.


Dropbox isn’t exactly the sexiest of products—unless someone's a major tech nerd (like we are) they're probably not going to get super excited about a file storing and sharing enterprise product. Dropbox clearly knew this, so they created a beautiful video that pivoted from the usual corporate codes, incorporating traditional character animation and storytelling instead. And to counterbalance the sterile and somewhat complicated nature of the product, the animations are exceedingly simple, using few lines and plenty of movement to keep folks following along and understanding the process.


Slack has a ton of features that can be difficult to demonstrate in a short period of time, which is why the effectiveness of this video is so exciting. Slack’s hero video is effective because it wastes no time showcasing the product’s value in a clear, concise way. It depicts exactly what a user can expect to experience, and it tells viewers how Slack will improve their lives while answering common questions. To make this simple screencast compelling, they used a lighthearted and playful tone that makes viewers feel like a close friend is taking them through a cool and useful thing they just discovered.